Code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

A face painter will arrive at your event 30 minutes early to set up. This includes a table and chair, please inform Glowbug Face Painting if you require outdoor cover as this will incur an extra cost. Any patch tests that need to be done will need to be completed at the beginning of your event.

Glowbug Face Painting is not responsible for looking after children at events; all children should be closely supervised at all times. Children are not to handle face painting equipment at any time. Glowbug Face Painting will use photos taken only for publicity. Please contact us for copies of photos.

Alexandria Anthony, owner and chief artist at Glowbug Face Painting holds Public Liability Insurance for up to £5 million. Documents will be presented upon request.

Health and Hygiene

Glowbug Face Painting uses only high quality EU and FDA approved face paints and cosmetic glitters. These can easily be removed using a wet flannel and mild soap. Glitter glue can be removed with baby oil. Glitter Tattoos will generally last 5-7 days depending on the wear and contact. While some face paints may leave a trace of colour on the skin, they will gradually fade after a couple of washes or a soak in the bath. Paints may stain clothing, so please consider this when having your child painted. Glowbug Face Painting takes no responsibility for fabric, carpet or upholstery stains. Copies of full ingredient lists can be presented upon request. Glitter glue will not come off clothing, please consider this when presenting an area of skin and its proximity to clothing when requesting to be glitter tattooed. All efforts will be made to keep glue away from clothing but the artist cannot be held responsible for accidental damage.

Glowbug Face Painting has a strict standards of good hygiene, using a fresh clean sponge for each face. Face Painting and Glitter Tattoo brushes are cleaned regularly whilst painting and also washed with very hot water and specialist cleanser between events. Water is changed frequently whilst painting to ensure strict hygiene standards.

Right of refusal

Glowbug Face Painting reserves the right to refuse to paint any design or symbol that is felt to be offensive.

Glowbug Face Painting will not paint or apply a glitter tattoo on anyone that has a rash, open sore, head lice contagious illness, green runny nose or very sensitive skin. Arm designs can be painted on those who cannot have their faces painted, unless prevented by a skin condition extending to the arm. Skin should be free of dirt and food before painting or tattooing, wipes will be provided for this if the artist is presented with a dirty face or arm but parents are expected to do the cleaning.

Glowbug Face Painting will not paint children under 2 years of age. Children 2-3 years old generally are too young to sit still for face painting and would benefit more from an arm design they can see. Children of this age will be painted at the artist’s discretion. Glowbug Face Painting will only paint children who wish to be painted. Adult consent is needed before a child can be painted. At private events, the host or party organizer will be deemed responsible for informing parents that face painting is available and they will also be responsible for informing the face painter if any child is unable to be painted. As with all cosmetics, occasionally a reaction will occur. If you are concerned with how your child might react to the paints, a patch test can be done, please just ask.